Wife swapping a common practice in Indian Navy: Naval officer's wife

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The Indian Navy has been hit by fresh charges of wife swapping. CNN-IBN spoke to the wife of a naval officer, who last month accused her husband of wife swapping. She said that the practice is common in the Navy. Defence Minister AK Antony has ordered an inquiry into the matter.
"It's very common in the Indian Navy. The thing is that everybody doesn't dare to file a case and now girls are coming and complaining. I am happy about it. Instead of tolerating every thing and becoming a part and parcel of wife swapping, it's good that they are coming and filing cases," the naval officer's wife.
Speaking about the Navy shielding its officers, the woman said, "Of course, they have to shield their names, they don't have any other way to save themselves. This is the only way to say that they have, a marital discord. In my case, I am so harassed. Navy is pressuring me, my husband is pressuring me to take the case back. But I have decided that I will not take the case back and that is why they are harassing me in each and every manner."
She also said that she would demand a CBI probe into the matter. "AK Antony has ordered for the investigation, but he should get the investigation report. Investigation is going in such a manner that I cannot get justice because the Southern Naval Command who are friends of the accused officers, they are ones responsible for carrying out the enquiry. I will file a petition in the Supreme Court asking for a CBI investigation and transferring the case to Delhi.


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