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Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan commonly known as TTP is responsible for hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties in Pakistan. TTP attacks on mosques, tombs, Imam Bargahs and kill anyone who speaks in favor of Pakistan. Reliable resources in Pakistani intelligence agencies has given facts of Indian support and backup to TTP terrorists to Pakistani government at number of times, but Pakistani government has done nothing to stop foreign aid to TTP and in our previous government we saw Interior Minister Rehman Malik giving statements that he has found many evidences of foreign elements aiding TTP and other terrorist groups in Pakistan but Rehman Malik never openly said that its India & CIA behind TTP. It has also been confirmed that India has established more then 14 consulates on Durand line with the help of Afghanistan government to support insurgencies and terrorist activities in Pakistan.
So who are TTP terrorists? TTP claims to be a sub division of Afghan Taliban however Afghan Taliban has always denied that any of the terrorists fighting with Pakistan Army, killing innocent civilians, bombing on girl schools and killing Shia Muslims in Pakistan are not related to Afghan Taliban by any means.

Tattoo on a dead TTP terrorist in Pakistan – Tattoo is not allowed in Islam and this so called Mujahid of TTP had Satan Tattoo on his back
TTP terrorists are involved in bank robberies in Pakistan, especially Karachi, kidnapping for ransom and supplying ammunition to any group who wants to fight against Pakistan. Confirmed reports in early 2013 cleared that Afghan Taliban are not happy that a group of Indian terrorists is using their name in Pakistan, Mullah Umer himself denied any coalition with TTP and asked Taliban to stop kidnapping people, killing innocent civilians, bombing girl schools and bank robberies, when denied by TTP, Afghan Taliban started a war with TTP terrorists in Afghanistan as TTP most wanted terrorists are hidden by CIA in Afghan Army camps  at Kunar where Mullah Fazal Ullah is residing with his terrorists group and getting militia training from Indian troops and that was is still on going when SPY EYES was typing this post for our readers.
The reason why India is supporting TTP in Pakistan is very simple, they want our army to stay engaged within the borders so that Pakistan can forget about Kashmir issue and India can keep its genocide of poor civilian Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Afghan President is playing a powerful role in this whole terrorist activity by letting Indian government to support TTP terrorists in Afghan Army camps. Afghan Army is also supposed to ensure that all TTP terrorists cross the borders under their cover and enter into Pakistan and for that reason, US Army, NATO forces and Afghan Army start shelling on Pakistan Army and while Pakistan army is busy defending the territories of Pakistan, TTP terrorists infiltrate in Pakistani soil.
We need to understand their motives, they want to destabilize Pakistan and make Pakistani people forget about their brothers and sisters in Kashmir.


Anonymous said...

mwhaa ha haa....funny how it looks from the other side of the fence

Noorul Ameen said...

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Sanjay Gandotra said...

Ha ha ha he he he he hoo hoo ........ you mean an elephant is peeping into an anthole for food. Change your name to sly_lie news.

Sanjay Gandotra said...

Ha ha ha he he he he hoo hoo ........ you mean an elephant is peeping into an anthole for food. Change your name to sly_lie news.

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