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At present all minorities in India Christians, Muslims and Sikhs are threatened by the government and patronized by the Shiv Sena, R.S.S., the congress party and the B.J.P which are all Hindu extremist groups supported by the government.

As the Sikhs holy shrine was destroyed under the rule of Indra Gandhi, the holy Muslim shrine, the Babri Masjid was destroyed under the leadership of “the” home minister L.K Advani.  There is no record of those who were killed in attacks. As death certificates were not issued, not only the bodies but the bodies of wounded were thrown into dirty refugee trucks and a mass crematories was held of which the victims’ families had no knowledge of their relatives.

Orissa had one of the worst histories of anti-Christian violence. One of the most brutal incident is that of Mr. Graham Stan, an Australian Christian missionary and his two children, aged 8 and 10 were burnt alive in their car and its innocent occupants went up in flames short time after the headless body of uncle Barik, a Christian priest was found in a village of Muni Gurey in the state of Orissa another ridiculous and senseless act carried out by the Hindu extremists. In the past few months 150 churches have been burned down and 52 Christian were killed in the state of Orissa. More examples of the hateful crimes carried out by the Hindu extremists are given in an article written in the Toronto Star on December 27th, 2007. Hindu extremists ransacked and burned eight village churches in eastern India marring Christian celebrations. Six village churches were torched on Christmas day. Two more were attacked the same day along with the 10 houses belonging to Christians. These examples of extremists against the minority groups in India are just a few of many, they do provide us with substantiated proof that minorities are not safe in India. The lives of minorities in India are treated worthless. In fact, members of minority are killed to please Hindu majority in order to gain political power during election time.

One to all the injustice that the minorities in India face. The United front of Sikhs and Kashmiris are committed to helping all minorities in India either gain their rights of living with dignity and respect or get their own sovereign states. We ask the Canadian government to step in and help eliminate the injustice facing Sikhs, Kashmiris and all other minorities while still maintaining all the integrity and respect of the Canadian law.

We make an appeal to the international community to take notice of the denial of human rights in India. We hope that with the help of the united nation, Amnesty International and Asia watch, there tragedies will come to an end. In this attempt to help the minorities in India and implore the Canadian Government to stop all trade with India until then Indian government allows the United Nations, amnesty international and Asian watch to enter India and investigate the Human Rights Violations occurring throughout the country.

Balkar Singh(647-886-4191), Satnam Singh(416-951-3814), Manjit Singh(905-452-8923), Bhupinder Singh(416-897-7821), Sukhwinder Singh(905-497-0166), Pritpal Singh(416-991-0144), Habib Yousafzai(647-889 2829): Members of The United Front of Sikhs and Kashmir Diaspora Alliance


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Ask your fellow Muslims in India.... They feel safest on this earth in india...They abuse Pakistan for defaming islam

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