Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Whores of War! 3 Prestitutes Plying their Diseased Trade on Syria

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by Scott Creighton
The over-regarded,  overpaid, overworked disinfo assets (a.k.a. “prestitute whores”) are working overtime on the White House’s Syrian equation.
The vast majority of the American people want nothing to do with attacking yet another country on behalf of global financiers and usual suspects of multinational corporations, so the journalists spin doctors are working overtime it seems in order to generate the appearance of a consensus position on the evidence at hand. Or the lack thereof.
Some of their attempts are nothing short of pathetic. Some are rather insulting. Some, slightly better till you dig a little deeper and unfortunately for us here in the states, expose the real rot undermining the foundations of our culture.
It is said that you can’t have a democracy without a free and open press, without a WELL INFORMED public.
It is also said that you can’t convince a population that they still live in a democracy without cynical, pathetic liars who will shamelessly spin any story they are given in favor of the ruling class to which they serve as dutifully as any sycophantic Igors should.
To that end, I provide you with three charming examples crafted by just such prestitute whores, ripped from today’s headlines.
Lying is one thing. But lying about civilian deaths, covering up for the terrorists linked to al Qaeda who actually killed them, in an effort to rush this country headlong into a bombing campaign that will kill thousands of people, enslave yet another nation in the technocratic neo-liberal economy of the IMF and World Bank and possibly even start off WW III…
… that’s a whore of a different color, of a different class.
That’s beyond the usual callus indifference to the truth displayed daily on what we laughingly call the main stream media here in the States.
Like a diseased whore knowingly spreading AIDS to her $10 tricks in a greasy back-alley, that’s a different crime altogether yet committed for the exact same reason: mammon.

1. Bloomberg News Terry Atlas and Sangwon Yoon

For example: here’s a headline from Bloomberg “Assad’s Brother Seen Linked to Syria Chemical Attack
Dramatic, right? It’s got everything you need: chemical weapons connected to the regime that Obama wants changed, family ties to the carnage to justify killing off Assad’s entire lineage. It’s all there.
Unfortunately for “truth, justice and the American Way”, it’s all bullshit.
“The powerful brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is suspected of authorizing the chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of Syrian civilians, according to a United Nations official who monitors armed conflicts in the region… according to the UN official, who asked not to be named… the official said… ” Bloomberg
You have to be careful when trying to report news to people.
You can’t use qualifiers like “”seen linked” or “is suspected” because they are practically meaningless in terms of proving a point.
The American people used to understand that simple rule but it seems like we’ve been made to accept them simply because so much of our “news” is based on crap like that.
WHO has linked Assad’s brother to chemical weapons use and HOW? WHO suspects him and WHY?
THAT’S news. It gives people information so they can draw their own conclusions.
Anything else is merely unsubstantiated gossip. Or … propaganda.
It would seem that Atlas and Yoon missed the first week of journalism class in college… either that or they are smart enough to know what someone like Billionaire Bloomberg wants to read in his paper.
They did, however, attempt to address one nagging question: why on earth would Assad give Obama the “red-line” he so desperately wanted when he was winning both the PR war and the ground war so decisively?
“The timing of the attack was surprising because the UN chemical-weapons inspection team was already in Damascus, initially assigned to investigating several previous small incidents. Also, it came at a time when the regime, bolstered by Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia, has strengthened its position and recaptured some lost ground.” Bloomberg
Well, they “addressed” the question, they didn’t attempt to answer it.
They just put it out there as if simply mentioning it would be enough to keep their readers from concluding that the only people with a motive to launch a chemical attack would be those inclined to do so and then have the US blame Syria to justify a new bombing campaign on their behalf.
Seems kind of obvious, huh? But, once again, it’s beyond Atlas and Yoon’s comprehensive grasp.
I wonder why they get paid the good money by Bloomberg being as limited as they seem to be. Must be some reason for it? I guess that answer is about as obvious as to my readers as those that seem to elude Atlas and Yoon.

2. The Associated Press John Heilprin

Here’s an example of a slightly different approach to the spin. It is currently posted across the “interwebs” but I chose to link to the Huffington Post version:
That’s dramatic, right? Case closed. The UN team has come to the conclusion that some kind of chemical weapon was used to kill all those millions of innocent civilians.
That’s what all the critics of this new war-mongering have been waiting for, right?
“Evidence suggests that some kind of chemical “substance” was used in Syria that may have killed more than 1,000 people, but any military strike in response must first gain U.N. Security Council approval, the U.N.’s special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi said Wednesday.” AP
This journalistic “trick” (hee hee) is a little different. They actually name the source for one thing. And that should be enough for us “nay-sayers” to figure it’s legit, right?
Well, let’s look a little closer.
Is Brahimi on that UN team looking for evidence of the use of chemical weapons?
So who is he? “U.N.’s special envoy to Syria”? What’s that? Gotta be credible, right?
Takes about 10 seconds to figure that one out.
Lakhdar Brahimi (Algerian pronunciation: [læxdˤɑr bræhiːmi]Arabicالأخضر الإبراهيمى‎; born 1 January 1934) is an Algerian United Nations envoy and advisor, and since August 2012, the United Nations and Arab LeagueSpecial Envoy to Syria.”
“He is currently a distinguished senior fellow at the Center for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics and Political Science
“Brahimi was the United Nations special representative for Afghanistanand Iraq. Before his appointment in 2001 by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, he had served the U.N. as special representative to Haiti and to South Africa.”
“His daughter, Rym Brahimi, who was a CNN correspondent in Baghdad during the 2003 Iraq War, is married to Prince Ali of Jordan.”
Ahhhh.No wonder Mr. Heilprin left out those little details.
Aside from not really having any real information on the U.N. investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria, this guy represents the Arab League.  That’s the same Arab League who’s premier members have been financing the terrorism in Syria in the first place.
He’s also locked into the royal family of Jordan by marriage and he always seems to show up as the “special envoy” from the U.N. in whatever country we are about to force regime change.
His credibility is crap and his information is bullshit.
Buried later in the Heilprin article is a sort of an acknowledgement of that simple and painfully obvious fact:
“Brahimi did not elaborate on whether he based his information on the work of the U.N. team or other sources such as Western intelligence, including what U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called “undeniable” evidence of a large-scale chemical attack likely launched by Assad’s regime.” AP
In the end, Mr. Heilprin’s contribution to the moral obscenity that passes for “journalism” in America is no more factual than what was offered up by Atlas and Yoon.
Though in some ways, it’s slightly more distasteful.
In Mr. Heilprin’s world, his editorial staff doesn’t seem to think most Americans would bother taking the 10 seconds required to figure out his source is a biased servant of the same forces who have been hiring terrorists to kill civilians in Syria for the past two years. For that matter, his source has been in service to these same forces his entire professional life. Shit, his daughter is married to them for Christ’s sake.
Seems Mr. Heiprin is more of a jaded and cynical whore than the others.  Professionally speaking, he’s like the aging meth queen at the end of the bar who seems to have given up on make-up and condoms alike but is always ready for a tumble out back.

3. Foreign Policy Noah Shactman

Last but not least, I present to you the fine work of one Noah Shactman of the Council on Foreign Relations’ propaganda megaphone outlet Foreign Policy:
This one is interesting and I saved it for last because you can see that those prestitute whores working directly for the CFR sure do earn their money.
This guy, Noah, is worth every penny they heap on his nightstand as the neocon warmongers wipe off their love stink and head for the door.
Look at how many various lines of propaganda he squeezes into the first two paragraphs of his stained and sticky prose:
Last Wednesday, in the hours after a horrific chemical attack east of Damascus, an official at the Syrian Ministry of Defense exchanged panicked phone calls with a leader of a chemical weapons unit, demanding answers for a nerve agent strike that killed more than 1,000 people. Those conversations were overheard by U.S. intelligence servicesThe Cablehas learned. And that is the major reason why American officials now say they’re certain that the attacks were the work of the Bashar al-Assad regime — and why the U.S. military is likely to attack that regime in a matter of days.
But the intercept raises questions about culpability for the chemical massacre, even as it answers others: Was the attack on Aug. 21 the work ofa Syrian officer overstepping his bounds? Or was the strike explicitlydirected by senior members of the Assad regime? “It’s unclear where control lies,” one U.S. intelligence official told The Cable. “Is there just some sort of general blessing to use these things? Or are there explicit orders for each attack?”  Foreign Policy
Wow. This guy manages to work in support for the NSA spying fiasco into the story. That’s nice.
That’s craftsmanship.
That’s not just any back alley by the dumpster oral sex, that’s working the sack and the sweet spot in the sphincter as well. Noah’s logged a lot of miles on his knees in the muck to develop that kind of skill, hasn’t he?
Notice what he also does, he crafts in two lines of total bullshit that happen to be emerging as evidence supporting the other side of the story: the fact that Russian sources are reporting phone intercepts of terrorists from the FSA talking about this chemical attack AND a reference to “general blessings” which is obviously a reference to a leaked memo from a U.S. military contractor who was talking about staging a chemical weapons attack in Syria in order to frame Assad’s regime. The problem with that memo is that it’s not concrete. No specific plan is developed… like “some sort of general blessing to use these things” rather than “explicit orders for an attack”
What he’s doing is poisoning the well. Readers will see headlines on other sites, hear talk around the water-cooler, and immediately their brains will register they already know the details of those stories, so they will tune out. Or they will argue that the source their office-mate is quoting got it wrong as they “correct” them. The end result being the real information is canceled out before it’s even discovered. It’s a form of preemptive propaganda.
Goes right along with the Bush Doctrine of preemptive warfare, right? Cute.
Noah’s efforts when boiled down to the bare facts are as lacking in concrete information as the work of Atlas and Yoon. There isn’t one single quote that comes from a named source.
And in many ways, it’s even more jaded and cynical than the effort of Mr. “Dirty Knees” Heilprin.
Noah’s work is based entirely on unnamed sources from the “intelligence community”!
That’s right… the same folks who are training and running the al Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria, trying to destabilize the country in pursuit of the latest regime change operation, are the ones giving Noah his “intel”.
Are you kidding me?
Is Noah that stupid or has the definition of journalism just deteriorated to the point of having absolutely no redeeming qualities what-so-ever?
Like the previous efforts, Noah attempts to address the glaring problem of WHY?
Why the HELL would Assad launch such a horribly ill-timed attack on civilians which will give Obama his “red-line” pretext to get involved when he was winning the ground battle and the PR war so decisively?
Noah offers this:
Nor are U.S. analysts sure of the Syrian military’s rationale for launching the strike — if it had a rationale at allPerhaps it was a lone general putting a long-standing battle plan in motion; perhaps it was a miscalculation by the Assad government. Whatever the reason, the attack has triggered worldwide outrage, and put the Obama administration on the brink of launching a strike of its own in Syria. “We don’t know exactly why it happened,” the intelligence official added. “We just know it was pretty fucking stupid.”Foreign Policy
Well, there you have it.
It was either a mistake, a rouge element in the Syrian military or they just had no reason at all… just “willy nilly” they sat back and said, “you know, things are going so well right now for us, why don’t we just launch a chemical weapons attack against.. I don’t know.. some civilians… for no reason at all and see what happens?”
Yes, it is “pretty fucking stupid”… isn’t it Noah.
(psst. You would think that “telephone intercept” they got would answer part of that question, huh?)
Perhaps Assad sits around on… I don’t know… Tuesdays?… “Terror Tuesdays”?… and he and his guys just willy nilly decide who they are going to terrorize with a drone strike… oops. Did I say that? I meant “a chemical weapons attack”… sorry.
(That’s the jaded cynical Scott peaking out. Won’t let it happen again.)
Is that the jist of Noah’s work? Is that where he ultimately ends up with all his remarkable intel from his unnamed intelligence officials?
“It was fucking stupid”?
You have to be “fucking stupid” to buy that load of crap.
What if every criminal investigation in this country relied on such intrepid evidence as Mr. Noah has uncovered here?
Some Youtube videos made by people with a dog in the fight, a mystery phone recording where someone may or may not talk about chemical weapons used either before or after the event and of course the motive: ” I don’t know why he did it your honor. It was fucking stupid.”
Uh, no. Thanks for the effort Noah, but you can’t convince a reasonably intelligent high school student with that load of used condoms.


So there you have it. Three samplings of what is laughingly referred to as “journalism” these days.
In spite of what you may think, there have always been whores servicing the war-mongers in this country since before it was a country.  Just ask the Mohawks about their press coverage back in the day.
Sluts like those who scribbled these three examples have been working the streets of D.C. since long before pavement was invented.
They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing.
The difference may be that at least a few rational voices could be heard or read just as readily back then. Voices that calmed the fevered war-pitch with a little thing called the “truth”
They weren’t all that rich and they weren’t invited to the right parties at the end of every quarter.
They usually sat in the back of the newsroom, bitter and angry but brutally honest and pissed off at the streetwalkers who profaned the profession they loved so dearly.
Someone once said he approached Hunter S. Thompson and tried to be cute asking him that stupid question “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”
Thompson slapped him upside his head, or so the story goes.
Brutal honesty.
John Kerry recently said that having an open and free internet makes it harder to “govern”. Given the moral obscenity of his last Colin Powell moment, I can understand why he feels that way.
All Johnboy has to do though is leave a little extra on the nightstand next time he visits the brothels at Bloomberg, the AP and Foreign Policy. He’ll get what he pays for and in the end, money talks don’t it?
To all those used up prestitute “journalists” for whom I am writing about today I can only offer you one bit of advice:
There is no alcohol strong enough to wash away the rot growing inside you nor is there enough of it in all the confessional booth bars ringing the government sector of D.C. for you to drown the voices of conscience screaming out at night in your head.
Cash the checks. Keep your money in the secret get-away fund location under your stained and saturated mattresses.
You’ll need it.
Because in the end, like all products of our crappy “new economy”, whores have a predetermined shelf life which is rather short in comparison to what it used to be.
Either your Johns will need to move on to newer and fresher meat, unspoiled by a career spent regurgitating their sadistic lies, or your nocturnal exploits will become public knowledge and your careers will be over, leaving you forever marred in self loathing and shame.
There’s a reason I mentioned Hunter Thompson, don’t ya know?
So let’s drink a toast to that day, shall we?
The day everyone sees you for the sell-out, used-up, spent monsters you’ve become and the day you can finally get off your knees and out of the sticky puddle  you’ve been pretending is a pedestal.
They say the first step is admitting you have a problem… but it’s always a little easier when total strangers give you a nudge.
Consider yourselves nudged.


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