US: Denial of Outrageous National Global Violations Appalling

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By Tommy Tucci

The U.S. criminal apparatus extreme violations and assaults on human self-dignity and global citizenry decency is unprecedented in documented historical recorded events. Nonetheless, the root fundamental principles inherent in all human self-dignity can never suppress these basic rights. No civilized nation can ignore, violate, deny, or dismiss by invoking ancient spells, hoaxes, or curses. Therefore, arbitrary violations by U.S. criminal bureaucrats relating to “ownership” “labors” “self-dignity” “inherent human rights” and all Universal laws of nature are protected by 1500 years of ancient Roman common laws c.533AD.

15 Centuries of Common Law Legacy Suppressed

Roman codification is described as “the greatest event of the 6th century.” Roman Law “Justinian” greatly influenced or was wholly adopted by most of Europe with the notable exception of England until c.1215. Ancient Roman common law greatly influenced England and America with root fundamental principles written in the 800 year Magna Carta and the US Constitution.

Arbitrary Violations

Then 6 centuries past to 2011 the violations and dismissal of basic root fundamental common law continues unabated. No nation, government, select exclusive special interest group, religion creed, or forum can argue, dispute, suppress, or dismiss 1500 years of written law including the laws of the Universe. Conversely, American centuries of outrageous contempt for human decency, including outrageous stereotyping, polarization, discrimination, confiscation, mass murder, death, apartheid ghetto walls, destruction, balkanization, and thefts continue unabated. Apathy and contempt documented recorded and self admitted for fifteen millennial cannot be denied by infusion of constant fear and conflict.

Video Winona LADUKE Outrageous "Geronimo" Discrimination

Educated Derelicts Project Ancient Spells

21st Century educated derelicts shadowing supreme gross global under performance, masking supreme underachievement by violating the rule of 1500 year laws by pretext alibis, criminal hoaxes, false accusations, militaristic war and violence. Propagating a bureaucratic apparatus perpetuating ancient witchcraft, hoaxes, spells, myths, and curses in the second decade.

By practicing ancient myths, spells, curses and witchcraft somehow American bureaucratic apparatus, banking syndicates, and academic derelicts project a false positive superior image compared to all other living human beings except of course Israelis. U.S. preemptive violence, operating atrocities above the law colluding with Israeli hollow superiority against imaginary enemies. A phony ploy of manufactured myth created to force all opposition with reverse guilt insanities and instantaneous “curse”. Read and view complete article AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Knowfrom Anthony Lawson on Vimeo Posted by Anthony Lawson Veterans Today.

Magical centric spells cast by D.C. cronies in behalf of apartheid walls, genocide, death, destruction, human open prisons, and deathcamps. A flawed influence and unbelievable spell of philo-affinity for a single ‘select exclusive special interest group’ only. Every other human being on the planet earth can drop dead, if they are not slaughtered first by U.S.and Israeli belligerence.

Spells and curses cast in violation against the will to the detriment of human self-dignity. Gross violations resulting in a transfer of reverse irrational hatred and polarization methodologies. A phobia technique that is instilled in all individuals, entities, nations, religions, creeds, or forums that dare to question status quo myth, spells, witch crafts and curses perpetuated for a single 'select exclusive special interest group' only.

Terrorists, Witchcraft, Automaton Curse

Blanketing world citizenry terrorism assaults on human self-dignity commences with the Holocaust genocide of 100 million indigenous North American Peoples. Wall Street c.1917 financing of Czarist Russia’s theft wealth confiscation and mass murder of 60 million Christians by Lenin Trotsky. The only disingenuous nation in recorded history to mass murder millions of civilian men women and children in the firebomb of German cities and the dropping of Atomic bomb destruction of Japan in WWll.

The U.S. expends the greatest amount of citizenry labor assets and property to perpetuate great atrocities and genocide on humanity and turns 180 degrees accusing the world of seeking retribution. This is the highest form of ignorance, application of ancient witchcraft methods, hypocrisy, stupidity, disingenuous failure and underachievement.

The legal judicial questioning relating to, documented historical events, encompassing extreme atrocities brings an instantaneous automatic response a “curse” on any person or entity. A mythic “curse” alibi used in the 21st Century. Ancient myth or “curse” of phony alleged anti-American and anti-Semitic automaton accusation and harboring criminal ‘hatreds.’ An abnormal mentally unbalanced reaction ignoring any substantiated documented historical evidence.

Consequently, with each false accusation and assault on society a siren blares to the world community that U.S. Israeli doctrines is disconnected from the documented reality of recorded historical factual events and corresponding apathy of the worlds community. Confirming, the global masses, that U.S. and Israeli war crimes against humanity result in automatic default to the greatest Holocaust deniers on earth.

The U.S. illegal sanctioned murder of Osama Bin Laden code name “Geronimo.” A blatant violation is committed against all humanity “innocent until proven guilty.” A common law principle 800 year law writMagna Carta c.1215.

American Buffoons Vs Inherent Human Self-Dignity

A corrupt misconception perpetuated by complete U.S. and Israeli buffoons. Holocaust deniers of unprecedented historical documented factual history by under performing U.S. and Israeli crime syndicate ideologues. Native American indigenous Peoples respond to U.S. buffoons naked atrocities. The U.S. perpetrating the illegal and outrageous stereotyping and continued assault on self-dignity and discrimination operating military death and destruction precision with brand names such as “Geronimo,” “Tomahawk,” and “Apache. “ Excerpt from interview “You know, from our perspective, of course, and from, I think, all Americans’ perspective, Geronimo is a hero. He’s a national patriot for our peoples. And in that, it is indeed an egregious slander for indigenous peoples everywhere and to all Americans, I believe, to equate Osamabin Laden with Geronimo.” Read Full Article Posted by WINONA LADUKE

These atrocities include extreme prejudicial violations perpetrated against Middle Eastern Nations, especially Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan up to 2011. This terrorism and belligerence includes mass murder of 2 million defenseless civilians, men, women, and children commencing with 9-11 debacle in NYC.

Men, women, and children enduring violence pain and suffering each day by Western perverted witchcraft imitating Mayflower Puritan settlers escaping English persecution c.1620 commencing the genocide of indigenous North American Peoples. A blatant under performance that is unprecedented in documented historical recorded events. The greatest under achievements in history now directed against it’s citizenry ‘We the People’ by wailing Wall Street buffoons, operating under myth and spells parroting wails of ‘Too Big To Fail.” Transferring all guilt, phony accusation, alleged hatred charges to anyone who dares to bring the least opposition to distortions, thefts, rigged markets, and misinformation attacking with an intentional default ”curse.”

Video Tears of Modern Day Genocide

Conclusion Myth, Spells, Curse

In conclusion, American cronies colluding with Israeli handlers shadowing the false accusation or casting a “curse” operate above the law, committing violations daily, arbitrarily determining guilt, innocence, death, destruction, free speech, including inherent human rights to self-dignity by suppressing justice and violating 15 centuries of common law..

Masking genuine Holocaust denial applying the ancient “curse’ or spell methodology against all opposition. A default of extreme emotional sensitivity with no intelligible reason, or solid argument. Resorting to insane automaton disconnect, automatic apoplectic malevolent appeal to a supernatural being for harm to come to somebody or something who dare to oppose self anointed reverse victim dysfunction. This defines a broken down Nation in total meltdown caused by absolute morons.



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