Pak-US: Who should protect whom?

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In the game of world politics, there are no morals or principles; it are the interests that rule supreme. Raja Mujtaba

By: Yasmeen Ali , in it’s May 15th edition, carries an article by Marco Giannangeli. It announces the decision of US to deploy troops in Pakistan if the nation’s nuclear installations come under threat from terrorists seeking revenge for Osama Bin Laden’s death. A loud whoop has gone up from the political pundits who had stated that this was the ultimate purpose of “Osama Drama”. That it was always the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. USA had been after, that the rest was plain hogwash! Giannangeli goes on to say, the plan will be put in action without the consent of President Zardari.

Now wait. Some questions are being raised here.

The USA was attacked on 9/11 right? The aero planes went right under the noses of whosoever the noses belonged to, to the twin towers of the Trade Center in New York City, crashing not one, but two aero planes into the towers, causing both to collapse, and many died, both, who were in the plane and those who worked at the target. Yet, USA never contemplated, asking UN, NATO Forces, or any other country, independently, of deploying their forces with feet on USA soil, to guard their nuclear booty. Why on earth not? Al-Qaeda are after every American right? They are totally racist, right? So does it not make sense that USA’s nuclear arsenal must be protected from future terrorist attacks and possible take over by the terrorists?

Then comes the twist in the story:

How come, the terrorists will attack Pakistan’s nuclear installations, but will not attack USA’s nuclear installations when it is USA who is the target? AND, it is USA who took out Osama bin Laden? Also when USA has called to question Pakistan’s intelligence failure and made it clear, Pakistan had neither anything to do with the 1/5 operation, nor was aware of the going on-s of USA for the operation. Or does USA think, that the terrorists, after stealing the nuclear arsenal, the cache will be transported, all the way from Pakistan to USA, under the noses of whosoever the noses may belong to and target USA? After all, if an intelligence failure of the proportion of 9/11 could happen, this can happen too, no? Remember Hollywood?Fantastic things are possible! Of course, USA may have recalled also, the event a few years back when five fully armed nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were loaded onto a B-52 at Minot AFB in North Dakota and flown across the entire US, landing at an Air Force base in Shreveport, Louisiana, all without the knowledge of anyone in the chain of command. So, USA is driven by fear to destroy the world, for something that hardly has a chance of happening. Of course, at some one else’s expense!

By the way, hard as I tried, I could not come across a law that allows any nation, be it USA or another, to have troops with boots on ground, on another country’s soil, to “protect” anything of theirs without their consent. Is this a prelude to the invasion of “the trusted ally” as some political pundits have been predicting for long?

A friend of mine, when reading this news by ,wrote to me,” When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it”. No, no. says another. Mumbai was attacked right? How come USA is not afraid of Delhi losing their virginity…er.. booty? They have had 8 secessionist movements in India already, no? But then, he is serenely reminded of the support USA lends India in the Region.

Fanning more hatred, what is the end? Or, is there an end?

I am reminded here of what a great man said about America. That great man was Theodore Roosevelt, “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in”.

Had this great man lived, he would have surely, included, the entire world in his wise quote!


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