A Real Face of Illuminati

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By Nadeem Sajjad.
The definition of word “Illuminati” taken from The American Heritage Dictionary is; “people claiming to be usually enlightened with regard to a subject”; (2) “Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightens”.
Like the definition, any group which considers itself “enlightened” could rightfully call themselves the ‘Illuminati.’ When we make a search, we will find quite a few groups claiming this name. Be careful, there is confusion, there are two kinds of secret societies, and one is Benevolent secret society who wants to bring peace, justice and harmony to this world by helping to bring back freedom to the people. I know such benevolent groups exist today and also happen to call itself The Illuminati. The Illuminati, I am exposing here is Malevolent Secret Society, the society or group ofSuper-Rich Power Elite with an ambition to create a slave society.
Illuminati are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the behind the scenes. They are the real decision makers, who make up the rules for the presidents and the governments to follow and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can’t stand scrutiny. They are connected by Bloodlines going back thousands of years in time, and they are very careful keeping these Bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by inter-breeding.
There power lies in Occult [satanic rituals] and in economy [money creates power]. The Illuminati own all the International Banks, The Oil Businesses, the most powerful businesses of Industry and Trade, they infiltrate Politics and Education and they owned most Governments or at the very least control them. A very good example of American election for presidency. There is no secret or doubt that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money and positive media coverage wins the election, as this gives the power to un-create the opponent and effectively promote the candidate who will follow the plans of Illuminati. Media, knowing how to manipulate ignorant people, can easily steer an election in a desired direction so the candidate who has been selected by Illuminati wins. More often than not, it is the candidate with the purist bloodline and who is the most corrupt that will be chosen for job. Illuminati put in top positions people who they know have a dark past, so they can be easily be controlled. If these appointed people, who are promised fame and fortune if they follow the rules. If they break the rules o Illuminati, then the puppet masters can easily get them back in line by threaten to put their dirty laundry out to dry in public. If it doesn’t help, the person will end up like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia-ul-Huque and many others. More often than not the Illuminati sponsor both sides to have a game to entertain the ignorant public. They decide who will be the next president, and they see to that their man wins, even if they have if they have to cheat. If their pre-elected candidate for some reason cannot win and other candidate does, they just shift to plan B, which is very well structured and prepared beforehand. So basically, no matter which candidate wins the race, They Win. Most presidential campaigns in America and some other countries are financed with drug money, which is understandable that the Illuminati run the drug trade industry as well. Elections are not really necessary, but they let public to vote so they can have a game, and by letting public to do so, they pretend to follow the constitution. Is president running the game? Not the least. Consider yourself a president or CEO of big corporate. Now you are the decision maker as long as you follow the policies of the company. If you have your own ideas how to change the things, you need approval from the real owners of Corporate, which is the Hidden Hand, the Illuminati. Powers are not with the politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top players are mostly of a Sectarian Jewish Elite, who in modern time use the term Zion’s. Any person can join a secret society, if they are accepted, but no one can join Illuminati, you have to born into the right bloodline. Greedy and evil people join their agenda for power and money. (Example of greedy and evil people refers to our Pakistani Politicians, Bankers, corporate businessmen, feudal, media, etc.)
The true objective of Illuminati to create a One World Government, with them on top to rule the world into slavery and dictatorship Many Conspiracy Theorist believe, the Illuminati are the masterminds behind event that will lead to the establishment of such New World Order. George H. W. Bush and few other major players like Mikhail Gorbachev and Gordon Brown have openly called for a New World Order, which is referring to this One World Government. This is a very old goal of Illuminati, this goal is not supposed to be obtained within one life time; it has been a goal that gradually to be reached over a long period of time. However, they have accomplished more in this direction during the last few decades, due to industrialization and the information technology. The immediate task is to lower the living standard of the developed countries like United States and Europe, to a low enough level so the government can easily control. On the other hand, the living standard in the Third World (under-developed) countries will then increase to the same level that is planned for the developed countries, so that it all even out. To be able to accomplish a New World Order, the living standard must be similar all over the world, mean they want a uniform world to rule over. This goal has been planned in secrecy within secret societies. Most secret societies with secret grades of initiation are controlled by Malevolent Illuminati Cabal, and Freemasonry is perhaps the best known. The Elite that controls the societies and the Illuminati are Occultists and Black Magicians. They say their God is ‘Lucifer ‘(The Light Bearer) and by Occult practices they manipulate and influence masses. Although branches of the Illuminati are Gnostic in nature and claim to acknowledge ‘ Lucifer ‘ as the Head of the Game, even that seems to be a deception. In my opinion the real power behind the Brotherhood is not ‘Lucifer ‘but SATAN itself. The Christian view point on this that, “Illuminati in fact are descending from the Fallen Angels and the Giants [Nephilim] that Walked the Earth, according to Bible, were the hybrid off spring of those fallen angels, who together with Lucifer were ‘Cast Out of Haven’ and came down to earth. Allah knows better.
Throughout all the history, secret societies have been working without most people being aware of their importance and influence. Different powers of control developed, where they fought against each other internally out of sight from ignorant population. They invented different religions, sects and cults, so people would be busy doing something else rather looking into what Brotherhood actually was doing. They put themselves in-charge of churches and temples to entrap people and to spread conflicts between different belief systems. Most wars throughout the history have been religious wars.
Out of original Brotherhood, Freemasonry, the Knight Templar, Ordos Templi Orientis, Rosicrucian, Knight of Malta, Skull & Bones and many more were created. Some people think that Freemasonry is a charity organization and even a Christian society. That is to our understanding and most members of secret society believe. The vast majority of people involved in these secret societies are good people, who are ignorant of what is practiced on the highest level; unaware of that up there in highest place is worship of the dark forces, practiced in very dark rituals, including human sacrifice. Their God is Satan (Iblees), Lord of this world. There is totally different struggle going on above people’s head than we are aware of and this struggle affects our lives every day, and not in a good way.
Another important agent for the malevolent Illuminati was Freemason “Cecil Rhodes”, who in the 19th century tried to build a One Government with the British Government on top. This agenda was sponsored by Rothschild’s and it was also Rhodes who created the round table, a secret society in itself, where the Brotherhood Elite gather to plot up to this day. World War I & II were both attempts to take over [note: World War I & II was financed by Rothschild’s on both sides]. Now see the game plan of Jewish Bankers and conspirators, Rothschild’s, Rhodes, Astor and others, after second World War, people were so tired of all the killings and destructions that they welcomed the United Nations when it was founded with the policy to safeguard the peace, so nothing like WW II would ever happen again. But indeed the UN was another important front organization for the Illuminati, to unite the countries of world into one. Brotherhood works in a manner call “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. By starting two World Wars they created a problem. This in turn created a reaction from people, who wanted a solution to the war, so the Illuminati created a solution to a problem by founding United Nations; one step closer to One World Government. This eventually led to European Union project, which anyone will understand goes right towards the direction of the biggest Fascist State, where each country gets less and less power and sovereignty and Europe is put under the reign of few, in a centralized government. Who are running European Union? Of course, the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Next on the agenda are North American Union, the South American Union, the African Union, and the Asian Union. Finally all these unions including the European Union will merge into one big union, which will be run by One World Government. One very important fact that by creating galloping inflation, the International Bankers have succeeded in making us to believe that the only solution is a one currency in Europe. When this project is safeguarded, the Central European Bank has all the powers over the economy of Europe and can lead in whatever direction they want. The ignorant majority of people are the ones who will suffer the most. This is a betrayal beyond comprehension. And now the financial melt-down, which create such fear and uncertainty amongst the population of world, that soon enough people will welcome a world currency as a solution or remedy to inflation and further financial crisis.
Officially most societies are charity organizations [ NGO’s ]. This, and the propaganda they spread that organizations like Freemason are Christian in nature, that is why people join them, as a matter of fact, Freemasonry accept people from all religions as long as they believe in deity of some sort. These societies are extremely esoteric with secret grades of initiations, where each member sworn loyalty foremost to the Brotherhood. A Brother in good standing should always be protected and cured for, as long as person is useful to the organization and follow its rules. If a person fails or does not keep the secrets will be made a horrible example. It is extremely important that the secrets are kept. If not, Brotherhood loses its power over the people and the whole ‘Pyramid’ falls apart. The Illuminati does not want publicity unless it suits the Agenda, they are afraid that the people will kill them in fury when they find out about their horrible crimes.
The United Nations is nothing else but the world police for the illuminati, founded to be able to step in and take military control over a country or a region which counters the Agenda.
Socialism is the political system; the Black Order uses to enslave the people on planet Earth. The Red Banner or Shield is the private symbol of their biggest sponsors-The Rothschild’s-and is actually their family banner. Today the Rothschild’s own EU central bank, but few people know that many of the European Bankers were founded by the Rothschild’s and owned by them. Central Banks is a basic for the upcoming Socialism.
One of the most powerful front groups of Illuminati which also work as a secret society in it is the Bilderberg Group. This group was created in 50’s by prince Bernhard of Netherland and the Polish Socialist Joseph Retinger, one of the founders of European movement. These two persons decide meetings on a regular basis for the European Foreign Ministers. The core of group consists of Elite of people, counted to 39, called the Steering Committee. They are not elected and were originally led by Prince Bernhard a close friend to British Crown. Since 1954, meetings have been arranged at least once a year. The members are around 120 persons from high finance circle of Western Europe, the US and Canada. Meetings are very hidden and secret. Invited are also political leaders from different countries. The purpose of the group is a World Government by the year 2012 and global army through United Nations. The takeover is partly planned to involve computers. The Biderburg Group is also known as “Invisible World Government” because from the character of the meeting it is clearly bribery on behalf of politicians who are taking part. Here they are suggested to betray their own countries by selling out their sovereign states to EU and American Union against the constitution of the countries, they represent, thus deceiving their own people. This is what many of our elected politicians secretly are doing behind our backs.
The “Trilateral Commission”, a semi-secret society, officially founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller (Illuminati) and Brezinski, “ZBig”, was created because the already established organizations, like UN were too slow in establishing a World Government. This Commission consists of Industrial and Commercial Giants of the Trilateral nations; USA, Japan, Western Europe. The members are all of the Elite, coming from different branches of Freemasonry world-wide to give the Bilderbergs a broader political basis. The Trilateral Commission controls through “the Council of Foreign Relations” (CFR) members of the whole United States Economy, Politics, Military, Oil, energy and Media Lobbies. The members are Chairman of different Companies, Bankers, Real Estate brokers, Publishers, Politicians, Union leaders, Presidents of Foundations and News Paper Columnists.
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) - also a semi secret society established in 1971 and the members are exclusively Americans and Canadians. Today CFR holds tight control over the Western World countries with the help from sister-organizations and its mother-organization in Britain, “the Royal Institute of International Affairs” (RIIA), with Queen Elizabeth II at the top, her being one of the top Illuminati on Earth. The CFR is in its turn controlled by the Rockefellers and also works for a Global Government. The inner core is the Dark Order of Skull & Bones, where George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush are members.
It was “Socrates” who comes up with the Idea of Democracy. Personally I am sure that democracy is not the best option for a society. It has always showed to fail, as it requires political environment from the public, who is supposed to be the real power. Groups of people have shown to be easily manipulated and controlled throughout the history and made to believe they live in a democracy where in fact the real power has covertly changed to the favor of the politicians or those who pull the strings of politicians. The true definition of democracy is when politicians are elected and employed by the people to achieve the needs and goals of common man. The true meaning of democracy have been buried and forgotten in the modern society. That’s what manipulation is all about. A better political system would definitely be “MERITOCRACY”, which supports each person’s personal abilities and strengthen them so each of us have a fair chance to become what we want with help from collective society. The only solution is in the Benevolent Political system; which is an “Islamic Political System and Ideology”-A socio-economic justice for all mankind. Where there is no Elite but only peace, Justice and equality for all humans regardless of their origin, race, color, language and boundaries. The best example of this benevolent system lies in “Khilafat-e-Rashida”; the finest and pure system ever ruled the world.


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