Basic Information about Spy Eyes

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Basic Information Basic Information about Spy Eyes

18 March 2011
Current Analysis specially Defense Analysis.
Analysis of the current situation of Pakistan and its whereabouts.
Our purpose is to give analysis about the current affairs of the world, we specialise in Defence analysis, Conspiracy theory analysis, Islam, Pakistan and the Khilafah (the Islamic alternative to the western NWO).
The purpose of this alternative source is to provide the news that is hidden from the general public by the various news channels of Pakistan who are sub servant to the western policies. We also provide Defense analysis through our Defense experts who have served Armed Forces with dignity and honor with the medals on their chest.
The Code of Conduct is for all members of SPY EYES and anyone failing to follow them will be asked to leave SPY EYES in a respectable manner.

1. No" -ism" shall be tolerated in SPY EYES. We will not tolerate any political agenda, publicising political party, provincialism, sectarianism, school of thought, a certain personality or an organisation. Anyone seen critising the above mentioned things in a positive or a negative manner beyond a certain limit shall be confronted of his/her actions.

2. All the members of SPY EYES have equal rights and are bound to be given respect. No disrespect towards anyone shall be tolerated.

3. We will not tolerate anyone spreading false propaganda against us through their inbox, pages or groups. We have already seen such things against us that are lies upon lies and have no connection with us but we did not gave any importance towards it. It was the first and last chance for them and a strict action will be taken in the future.

4. We hope everyone communicates with one another with peace and harmony and follow the code of conduct to avoid any unwanted circumstances.


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