‘Surrender, leave or live in peace’

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Rustam Shah Mohmand on Sunday said foreign terrorists hiding in tribal areas have three options: surrender, leave the area or live in peace.
Talking to reporters, the government committee member said the government needed to assimilate foreign terrorists in the mainstream who could not go back to their countries.
Prayers were answered as Pakistan won cricket match against archrival India in Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bungla stadium. Earlier, Mohmand had urged the Taliban to pray for Pakistan’s victory in the Asia Cup against India.
The government interlocutor said that the Taliban have declared a ceasefire on the government’s demand. He said that the government committee members would be meeting in a day or two to review the situation.
He said that following the ceasefire, an environment of trust would be created and swapping of prisoners would further strengthen the confidence in each other. He said that the government should demand extension in the period of Taliban ceasefire.
Mohmand said that the resolution of issues would take time.

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