Islamabad asks Kabul to deport assassins

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Islamabad has called upon Kabul to ensure that Afghan soil is not used against Pakistan and reiterated its demand for arrest and deportation of those TTP elements who have fled the country and were using sanctuaries in Kunur and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan. “There is a responsibility on those who are managing the security situation in Afghanistan to control it. We have repeatedly emphasized to the Afghan’s government that we need better border management,” sources said on Sunday.
The sources further informed that Pakistan is still waiting for response from the Afghan government to its demand for investigation into 23 FC personnel assassinated on Afghan territory. “The Afghan government has informed Pakistan they are in process of investigation,” the sources added.
To a question about the foreign militants killed during the recent air strikes in North Waziristan Agency, the sources said terrorism also has regional dimensions adding that Pakistan is engaged with the Central Asian Republics and there is awareness in these countries about this problem.
“If an Uzbek or Tajik is killed in North Waziristan, the question is whether he flew there or did he traverse a lot of territory to get there,” a source privy to these said, adding it is the responsibility for those who are at the helm of affairs in Afghanistan or who control that territory. “The responsibility for not allowing one’s soil to be used against other is not unilateral. It involves all states,” the sources added.
The sources were of the view that Pakistan does take up issues of shared interest with the US as well as NATO commanders looking after the security situation in Afghanistan and on Pak-Afghan border.
They, however, believed that basically it is the responsibility of the Afghan government, which should do the needful and should be coming forth in cooperating with Pakistan in addressing the common challenges such as counter-terrorism and border management that benefits the two countries.
The sources were upbeat that Afghan government would positively respond to Pakistan’s requests and fulfill its promise to take appropriate measures on border management in the light of proposals discussed by the two countries last month.

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