Time to end Peace Talks #CrushTTP

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Pakistan is trying to come out of the grip of terror and violence. Terror and violence that has destroyed its economy and internal security during the last ten to fifteen years. Some say that this terrorism started as a result of USA’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, some say it is because the USA created and trained armed militants during the soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Problem is the USA used what was already present here in Pakistan. The madrassa and jihadi culture is not something that emerged out of nowhere in the late 1970s or early 1980s, in fact, the madrassa and jihadi culture has been part of this region for hundreds of years. It has surfaced many times during the course of history. After the creation of Pakistan, by an extremely liberal leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah (who by the way belonged to the  minority sect of Shia), a modern and tolerant independent state came into existence. This was the first time that modern and liberal culture started to evolve outside the British rule of the occupied / colonized India.
Pakistan Army
Before the British occupied India, this region was ruled by various Muslim empires. Islamic laws with differing interpretations of Sharia law were enforced as per the requirements of the time. Afghanistan and the western belt of Pakistan was an untamed and mostly barren area which did not attract much attention of the British. Thus the people of these areas managed to maintain their “Islamic” culture and traditions. But when the British realized Russia’s ever expanding empire turning towards the Afghanistan region, A Great Game was set in motion whose tragically adverse effects are still affecting millions of people in the region.
Coming back to the current security situation in Pakistan, one must realize that the “hate gora” mentality fueled by false religious beliefs taught by madrassa “imams” funded by “someone” to enforce some specific agenda to benefit a certain sect or few influential individuals has been the standard modus operandi here. Used by the local kings and emperors, by the Russians, by the British, by the americans, by the Pakistani political leaders and by the Pakistan military. The problems with such strategies are:
  1. only provide short term solution
  2. creates multiple new problems
  3. unsustainable for long time
  4. creates new power hungry entities
  5. sub-groups created become out of control
  6. each new group requires funding and territory
  7. to get funding illegal activities are carried out
  8. this becomes a never ending cycle
Over a long period of time, Pakistan has gone through these cycles several times. Hence multiple militant groups operate all over the country with their own “manifestos” but only one objective – power. As our illiterate population understands and cares little for higher goals and beliefs in life like human development, human rights and nation building, religion becomes the main focus to engage the masses. As I have already mentioned that a vast majority of our population is illiterate and uneducated so any person who can look like an “imam” (have a beard and recite few verses of Holy Quran in Arabic) can easily influence and control a farily large number of people.
Signs of Khawarji Terrorists
This describes TTP
So what is TTP and how has it managed to shake up most of Pakistan and large portion of the Western World? Why do America and UK fear TTP so much? Well, I don’t think that either of these countries fear TTP as such. What they feel concern about is how TTP may become a strong apparatus of Al-Qaeda and with funding from Al-Qaeda, TTP may become powerful enough to challenge a nuclear armed country like Pakistan. TTP of course don’t rely solely on funding from Al-Qaeda. TTP has developed a system to generate their own income through kidnapping / ransom, drug trade, bank robberies, paid murders and smuggling.
One huge misconception that the people have about the TTP is that they think that TTP is one huge highly organized entity with a central command. TTP is nothing as such. several independent groups normally consisting of as few as thirty to fifty outlaws to several hundred armed mercenaries working in small groups generating their own income through illegal activities and trying to control small territories in the mountainous areas in the North of Pakistan near the highly porous Pak-Afghan border. Al-Qaeda uses TTP to create instability within Pakistan to achieve higher objectives which include possession of Pakistan’s nuclear and other conventional weapons.
So are we fighting Al-Qaeda or TTP? Al-Qaeda is a global terrorist organization that is operating simultaneously in many regions all across the Muslim world, especially in those Islamic countries where there is large scale poverty and / or political instability. TTP is a local Pakistani entity that has been blown way out of proportion by the national and international media. All the misconceptions about the strength and size of TTP have been fabricated by the rating hungry media anchors and news channels. News channels have often provided more than needed coverage to TTP supporters to explain extremists narratives and justification for attacks on civilians and security forces of Pakistan. For the first time we have witnessed some analysts pointing out this and criticized the media channels.
Silence and lack of will from the political leadership has created a feeling of panic amongst the general population. Instead of being vocal against terrorism and terrorists and openly naming the terror outfits operating within the country, our leadership acts clueless. This sends out messages of defeat and dejection. The political leadership must stand behind the armed forces of  the country and give full legal, constitutional and moral support while taking the public into confidence. Seventy to eighty of the terror game is psychological warfare. It is entirely upto the political leaders to lead the people and give them hope and promise them victory.
Religious parties in Pakistan are actually militant political parties. These parties use the garb of religion to get votes from masses. Fortunately in the last two elections, it has been seen that though they manage to gather huge crowds at political gatherings during election campaigns, their actual vote bank is very small. But these religio-political parties do a have a big nuisance value that can create significant disruptions in the operation of the country. Many of these religio-political parties also show solidarity with extremist groups including TTP. Many a times these religious political party leaders have spoken against the armed forces of the country and in favor of banned outfits.
TTP terrorists holding severed heads of Pakistani Soldiers
TTP terrorists holding severed heads of Pakistani Soldiers
In the last few years, the public has witnessed many gruesome terrorist attacks on civilians and security forces. This direct exposure to the terror activities and images of oppression by the extremist groups in the remote areas of the country seem to have created some positive awareness amongst the masses. Many people consider TTP as un-Islamic but unfortunately many people also think that TTP terror  for some reason is USA’s fault. Since the “peace talks” have started beginning February 2014, TTP has continued with their terror activities. Latest episode of beheading of Pakistan’s  23 FC soldiers has changed public opinion on peace talks. Majority now want a military operation against the TTP and its affiliated groups.
The Pakistan security and intelligence forces have been giving incredible sacrifices in war against terror. Thousands of soldiers, police officials, intelligence people have given their lives to keep this country safe from terrorists. The Pakistan army has done its homework and is waiting for the democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan’s orders to launch a full scale offensive against the terrorist outfits. Army has also briefed the Prime Minister on the importance and urgency of this operation. It is now up to the political leadership to prepare the nation for war, show full confidence in the Pakistan armed forces and issue orders to rid the country from the menace of this terrorism… Waiting for your orders Prime Minister!


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