Divisions within TTP over ceasefire with Pak military

Posted by Admin On Thursday, 20 February 2014 0 comments
Spokesman for the defunct Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Shahidullah Shahid on Monday said that the TTP and its allies could not develop a consensus on a ceasefire with the government.
He said that the TTP had accepted the responsibility for the beheading of the FC personnel. He said the incident was a reaction to the execution of their activists. He alleged that their activists under custody were being killed in the name of operation and 23 of their missing activists had so far been killed during the government’s negotiation process.
Giving a break-up, he alleged that 15 activists were killed in Nowshera and seven in fake encounters in Karachi.Shahidullah Shahid said that such actions by the government during negotiations were unbearable and harming the dialogue process. He said that the government was making the dialogue process cumbersome, while he claimed that the TTP was serious and sincere in holding the talks.
He said that they had been thinking about the declaration of a ceasefire for making the dialogue a success, but they were reluctant because of the government’s actions and their compatriots had failed to reach a consensus over the ceasefire.


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