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SPY EYES Exclusive

‘All preparations set by Al-Qaeda for major terror activity in Lahore, funds, weapons, human resources prepared’ 

Some high value politician (may be a son), government officials including judiciary and any foreigners would be their likely targets.

Al-Qaeda has planned to carry out major terrorism activity in provincial capital and in this regard the preparations regarding funds, weapons and human resources have been almost finalized a classified memo based on human and technical intelligence also shared with the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) by a premier intelligence agency revealed. 

After receiving this report the Inspector General of Police Punjab has shared the extracts of the intelligence memo with the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore and other concerned official through a threat alert.

The contents of the threat alert issued by the Office of IGP, Punjab vide letter No42944-47/OPS-III “Al-Qaeda is believed to all set for major terrorist activity in or around provincial capital .A careful analysis of human and technical intelligence suggest for “High profile kidnapping” or “Major attack”.

Following actionable leads to avert the incident are being shared i.e. the operational planned and being controlled from Waziristan, some where near Pakistan-Afghan border by Al-Qaeda operational command.

Suspect Mujeebur Rehman (name included in Red Book ,.which comprised the particulars of terrorists wanted in high profile cases of terrorism) is the “Operational Control” .Suspect Salman Hassan (Red Book), resident of Lahore assembled/trained action group members in Swat .

Funds for the operation have been generated and disbursed in Chaar Bagh, Swat and Batgram areas. Weapons have been transported by Daud Group, who will also provide 2/3 Pashtoon members on action day.

Manpower has been provided by the Hassan Gul Group (now under Dinsha Ali alias Qari Abid) and Commander Daud Group. Most of the group members have reached and are setting in Lahore.

Suspect Afzal, who is “Al-Qaeda Kidnapping Expert”, was reportedly seen riding in a red colour motorcycle in Bagrian and Green Town areas of Lahore on August 10, 2013.For this particular activity, Afzal has been re-named as Wali.

The group is likely to use hide out / interim den in areas of Multan Road, Johar Town or newly /under developed housing societies. Double story houses with car porch, adjacent to vacant plots at least one of its sides (limited neighbourhood) have been created in sparsely inhabited areas have been acquired. One such house in Dholanwal (opposite to graveyard), Lahore was vacated as the group felt it compromised. Therefore more than one houses are being arranged as readily available choices/options .The group also considered to purchase a house instead of hiring of rent .It is however , not confirmed whether finances could be generated for the purpose or not .

Group members 

According to report more than a dozen group members identified as Afzal @Adnan @Faisal@ Abu Khansa@ Naseer@ Wali , Bilal Latif @ Zafar resident of Hassan Town Lahore , Abdul Waheed @Tiger ,@Waqas resident of Nenowal Khalsa , Chunian, District Kasur (false news of his suicidal in Rawalpindi was spread last year) , Issa @ Tariq @ Farooq @ Abdullah resident of Mir Ali , Sufyan resident of Mir Ali , Imran resident of Chak No 36 SP , Malka Hans ,district Pakpattan , Shahid Jabbar ,resident of Chak No 463/GB , Samundri , district Faisalabad , Iftikhar Hussain alias Abdulla resident of Chak No463/GB , Samundri district Faisalabad , Umair Nadeem alias Sajid resident of Singhpura ,near UET Lahore ,2/3 Pashtoon members provided by Commander Daud .

Some high value politician (may be a son), government officials including judiciary and any foreigners would be their likely targets .Therefore, necessary vigilance, screening and other appropriate actions are suggested to avert the eminent threat. Vigilance indicated, the contents of the threat alert further stated.

Source:Asad Kharal 


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