Pakistan Obtain Authenticated Proofs of RAW Involvement in Pakistan

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Intelligence Agencies of Indian RAW, Israeli Mossad and the Afghan NDS is engaged in terrorism in different parts of Pakistan, the Indian intelligence agency "RAW" giving financial support to the growing anti-Pakistan activities and terrorist. Supporting separatists in Balochistan as well as in terrorist activities in Karachi. Pakistani agencies obtained highly credible evidence of RAW's involvement in Pakistan. 

The RAW, Afghan intelligence agency NDS supporting separatist parties in Balochistan, and Baloch Republican Army (BLA) and the local FA's, not only through financial assistance but also giving them training in Nimroz and Kandahar terrorists training camps in Afghanistan. Special training is being provided in those training camps. 
They are sending these terrorists from Afghanistan to, India, UAE and European countries to made fake documents. Baloch separatist leader Brahamdagh Bugti's nearby commander Javed Riaz Gul Ahmed Bugti, has been given an Indian Visa with the name of a Afghan businessmen. Riaz Gul Bugti met Indian intelligence officials in New Delhi and he suggested them that they must use the Baloch instructors for Baloch youth for military training. RAW and his Afghan intelligence officials also conducted courses for the Balochi language. 

RAW has also made a wing on all international forums, to promote this separatist movement in Balochistan. RAW also using a political personality in Canada "Tariq Fateh" for this purpose. In Feb 2013 at (UNHCR) meeting Tariq Fateh also gave speech against Pakistan and he met with India "RAW" officers Vikram Sood and AS for this purpose. Pakistani intelligence agencies found proofs in Karachi terrorism, Balochistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan and those who committed acts of terrorism have been paid several million dollars. Pakistani intelligence agencies also checked social media Facebook and Twitter's fake accounts for this purpose to promote and upload videos of Baloch separatists movement in Pakistan.

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