Clinton Admits We Created al Qaeda But Lies About Why and When

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by Scott Creighton
Even when she tells the truth, Hillary Clinton is still lying.
It’s now almost commonplace to hear people make connections between the type of destabilization campaign being run in Syria to that of Libya and Yugoslavia in the comparatively past. For the most part, these analogies are extremely accurate: pro-western powers equip and use trained terrorists to destabilize what they consider to be unfriendly nations while publicly blaming the governments of the targeted nations for responding to the foreign led terrorist insurgencies. Their goal is always the same: regime change.
Unfortunately most of those making the connections fail to understand that there are far more examples of this illegal and immoral imperial foreign policy from which to draw upon.What follows are just a few examples of how this type of program has been used throughout our history to reclaim a fallen puppet nation by using terrorism and wanton violence directed at economic infrastructure and innocent civilians… absent are the various military coups we have imposed on other nations to achieve the same corporatist (fascist) goals…
While Clinton’s admission is clearly a sign that dissident “conspiracy theorists” are having an impact on the global discussion of our foreign policy, the important aspect of her statement seems lost in translation: she is still lying about the reason we created a terrorist group in Afghanistan. It had nothing to do with a “Soviet invasion” as she claimed… they weren’t there at the time, they were asked by the Afghani government to come in and help defend them from our terrorists who were actively destabilizing the country.
In 1953 CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt ran Operation Ajax which used Iranian agents they trained and paid to bomb various targets both civilian and infrastructure in order to destabilize the government of the elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeghbecause he nationalized the Iranian oil fields to the dismay of British private oil interests.
In 1954 the CIA set Operation PBSUCCESS into action in an effort to remove then president  Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán. He had the audacity to begin to implement an FDR styled New Deal type program in Guatamala and the powers that be saw that as setting a bad example in our backyard. The result was a brutal civil war which lasted nearly 40 years with CIA and State Department collusion in the death squads that ran rampant in the country. An estimated 400,000 died during that time frame. All of that to keep the evil of the New Deal from spreading across Latin America.
In 1959 Operation Mongoose and the Cuban Project got underway which was subsequently continued during the short lived rule of your “progressive” hero John F. Kennedy and actually run by his brother Robert Kennedy for a time. They trained Cuban exiles in various other locations including on the campus of the University of Miami to commit terrorist acts against government and economic targets killing many civilians in the process. This was around the time that Operation Northwoods was proposed and ultimately rejected (a false flag terrorist act).
“Rabe writes that reports from the Church Committee reveal that from June 1963 onward, the Kennedy administration intensified its war against Cuba while the CIA integrated propaganda, “economic denial”, and sabotage to attack the Cuban state as well as specific targets within.[6] One example cited is an incident where CIA agents, seeking to assassinate Castro, provided a Cuban official, Rolando Cubela Secades, with a ballpoint pen rigged with a poisonous hypodermic needle.[6] At this time the CIA received authorization for 13 major operations in Cuba, including attacks on an electric power plant, an oil refinery, and a sugar mill.[6] Rabe has observed that the “Kennedy administration… showed no interest in Castro’s repeated request that the United States cease its campaign of sabotage and terrorism against Cuba. Kennedy did not pursue a dual-track policy toward Cuba…. The United States would entertain only proposals of surrender.” Rabe further documents how “Exile groups, such as Alpha 66and the Second Front of Escambray, staged hit-and-run raids on the island… on ships transporting goods…purchased arms in the United States and launched…attacks from the Bahamas.” Wikipedia
In 1981 Reagan’s first “Freedom Fighters” were hatched. They were various terrorists from various countries like Honduras who were tasked with waging a destabilization campaign in neighboring Nicaragua. This action was very similar to what has happened in Syria and Libya as that these mercenary terrorist were openly referred to as “freedom fighters” just like John McCain recently referred to the Free Syrian Army in Syria. They too targeted civilian and economic infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, and people who openly supported the current unfriendly regimes the U.S. and her NATO friends wanted to force out.
You can many others to this list like South Vietnam, China, El Salvador, Angola, and many many others. But for the sake of brevity I would like to offer up just one more example which is still to this day, missed by almost every single dissident activist writer out there… Afghanistan.
Hillary Clinton’s recent interview in which she admits we created al Qaeda (just like we created the Contras and so forth) is being run on literally thousands of dissident news sites out there yet they seem to be missing one key aspect of her brief moment of honesty… she is still lying through her teeth. And it’s an important lie.
“We also have a history of kind of moving in and out of Pakistan. Let’s remember here, the people we are fighting today we funded 20 years ago and we did it because we were locked in this struggle with the Soviet Union, they invaded Afghanistan and we did not want to see them control central Asia and we went to work. And it was President Reagan in partnership with the Congress led by democrats who said you know what? Sounds like a pretty good idea. Let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistani military. Let’s go recruit these Mujaheddin. That’s great let’s get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union. And guess what? They retreated. It cost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. And there’s a very strong argument that it wasn’t a bad investment to end the Soviet Union. But let’s be careful what we sow because we will harvest.” Hillary Clinton
Do you see the lie?
The Soviet War in Afghanistan started in 1979 and ended officially in 1989.
In 1978 the Saur Revolution in Afghanistan overthrew the US friendly dictatorship ofMohammad Daoud Khan.
“Daoud was succeeded by Nur Muhammad Taraki as head of state and government on 30 April 1978. Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, the organizer of the Saur Revolution, introduced several unpopular reforms during their rule, the most notable being equal rights to women, universal education and land reform
“The best-known mujaheddin were the various loosely aligned Afghanopposition groups, which initially rebelled against the incumbent pro-SovietDemocratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA) government during the late 1970s. At the DRA’s request, the Soviet Union intervened. The mujaheddin then fought against Soviet and DRA troops during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. After the Soviet Union pulled out of the conflict in the late 1980s the mujaheddin fought each other in the subsequent Afghan Civil War.”Wikipedia
As you can see, we did not create al Qaeda and the Mujaheddin as a response to an aggressive Soviet “invasion” of Afghanistan as Hillary Clinton just stated. Instead, more accurately, we created al Qaeda and the Mujaheddin as a reaction to yet another unfriendly government coming to power in a foreign country in order to destabilize the country and force yet another regime change prior to the Soviet Union’s involvement in Afghanistan.
Zbigniew  Brzezinski admitted as much when he claimed that we “baited” the Soviet Union into Afghanistan in order to undermine their empire. First of all, that is just fantastical thinking. No one really expected the Soviet Union to come to the aid of Afghanistan at the time but they did and by the way, so did Indira Gandhi.
Our intention was to destabilize the new government of Afghanistan using terrorists who later became known as al Qaeda just as we had done over and over again.
And here we are at it again. Clinton has admitted that al Qaeda is in Syria attacking government and infrastructure targets on what appears to be our side.
Again, we have multiple nations called the “Friends of Syria”, who, like the Mujaheddin, are from other countries financing terrorist acts in Syria in order to force regime change in the country.
Yes, she did admit that the United States and her allies (Saudi Arabia, England, Israel to name a few) created the Mujaheddin and for that one has to give credit to the “outrageous conspiracy theorists” out there who have tirelessly researching and writing about the basis of our current “Global War on Terror”
But we can’t allow people like Clinton to get away with telling half truths when it comes to issues like these. We didn’t create terrorist organizations in order to save the people of the various countries we have been involved in, we did it to impose fascist dictators and brutal neo-liberal economic conditions on their people now known as “austerity measures” to the general population.
Throughout our extensive history of this kind of perverse covert operation, there have been no positive outcomes to creating these ruthless mercenary terrorists just like there was no positive outcome from using the same kind of terrorists (even al Qaeda members) in Libya and Yugoslavia. People are still dying today in Libya at the hands of these roving bands of thugs and mercenaries just as people in Syria are still dying due to the terrorist acts of our latest incarnation of Freedom Fighters.
If they are all0wed to continue with this kind of action, if they are given a pass when they revise history to conceal their intentions, their true motives, and their blood soaked hands, then we will have to come to expect these kinds of actions in First World countries as well. Imagine when the Mujaheddin are called to action in Greece and France and even the United States of America (hmmm… al Qaeda attacking in America to destabilize our country? hmmm….). If they can re-brand history itself and constantly get away with it, there is no limit to the horrors they will create knowing they will never be held accountable or even remembered for causing them.
If you don’t believe me about the potential future of their terrorist destabilization plans I would ask you to remember the recent moves in Congress and the White House to remove the MEK from the terrorist organization list and their efforts to fund and support them in their destabilization efforts in Iran. It will continue so long as these globalists can get away with rewriting history. We can’t let them do that.



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