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Kerry, UN’s self proclaimed spokesman, paves way for military intervention in Syria. It must be noted that the United Nation’s mission (specifically sent for this purpose) has not yet given an official statement on the matter, but the US seems to have revealed ground breaking evidence that proves the Assad regime guilty. It is perhaps reasonable to wonder what this crucial evidence was being guarded for all these months of darkness and uncertainty with respect to Assad’s crimes? Rotting away in a closet? Or being saved for Hollywood-esque timing to spice up this thriller?
More importantly it is of grave importance that American citizens become more critical of their government’s intentions. Let’s not forget what happened in Iraq. To date the country continues to burn in the aftermath of a war that mustered no justification. The WMDs turned out to be a figment of US’ war hungry establishment’s imagination and America’s paranoia as a nation post 9/11 served to lower the standards of evidence.
Millions of Iraqis became target of the chemical weapons used by the United States, along with other obscenities. Over the years civil activists, veterans and Iraqi media have all spoken out against the suffering of their people. But their voices have been muffled.
The war waged 10 years ago continues to hamper lives and seems to have left the Iraqi people in a constant state of turmoil which they are afraid they might never be able to recover from. Deprived of basic infrastructure and security; ‘never again’ should apply to them too. This was not a war on terror, but of terror. As scores die every day and millions suffer from depleted uranium which has been dropped on Iraq for almost a decade, the US has refused to even engage any criticism generated towards the ruins they’ve left behind.
It is worth noting that Saddam Hussein was a CIA agent when he came into power, and had US support and intelligence backing him when thousands of Shi’tes were slaughtered under his regime. It was also the US who provided and supported Iraq’s use of chemical weapons against Iran. Perhaps by the time Saddam was at his peak the Iraqis had had about all the help they could want from the United States to bring peace. Similar was the case with Libya, which continues to burn in ashes as armed groups slaughter each other and anarchy prevails. Was it not the United States that had supported Gaddafi for decades?
US war crimes have incessantly been highlighted by HRW and Wikileaks among other sources, but have never been pursued by either the UN or victims of American aggression. The US conveniently refuses the jurisdiction if the ICC over its own military. How can more responsible behavior be expected when there is absolutely no accountability? Instead spoils are distributed and resources secured. With no international law above their own, and the aftermath of the Manning case, what can stop the American military from expanding its sphere of influence? For now our only hope is China and Russia’s veto in the United Nations Security Council.
By Zoon Ahmed Khan


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