Pakistan Security Forces crushed Baloch Liberation Front in Kalat and Khara

Posted by FS On Friday, 22 February 2013 0 comments

Local News agencies reported a Surprise Military operation conducted by Frontier Corps Baluchistan in district Kharan and Kalat, resulted in the total defeat of Baloch Insurgent Groups.

Fresh Operation took place 3 days after the deadly terrorist attack on Hazara Community in Quetta that claimed more than 90 lives and injured 193 people in the capital city of the Province Baluchistan. Security Forces conducted the Military operation with the help of pro-Pakistan Baloch Militias aimed to suppress the Terrorists Baloch Liberation Front headed by Allah Nazar Baloch. Baloch Nationalists admitted the success of this operation that sustained time span of more than 11 hours in two separate districts that were gripped by Baloch Separatists.

Many Baloch Nationalist Parties have given a shutter-down strike call tomorrow throughout Balochistan against the military operation. Although the main target Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch escaped but reportedly more than 73 terrorists are killed where as 126 are apprehended by the Security Forces. Huge number of military presence aided with couple of Gunship Helicopters were seen in Parod, Somalo, Nemargh, Dash-e-Goran and Lijje area.

BLF comrades Faisal Baloch, Arzi Khan and Saeed Ahmad Mengal are also among the dead terrorists. Both of these Districts are cleared off from Insurgents and Pro-Pakistan Baloch militias much famously known as Baloch Musalah Defah Tanzeem has taken over the control. Many BLF fighters have escaped along with their supreme commander Dr.Allah Nazar prior to the operation. Security Forces claim that terrorists will return to reclaim their losses hence further Security measures are being taken to their consideration.


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