Controversy surrounds appointment of next Pakistan Naval Chief

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From SPY EYES reliable sources:

Many officers of Pakistan Navy have expressed their surprise and dismay over a campaign by certain sectarian elements within the establishment and media to promote and project officers belonging to their sect, which according to them was highly influencing the organizational culture and professionalism of the Navy in a negative way.

According to reliable sources inside the Naval authorities, a recent example was the media and lobbying campaign for Vice Admiral Abbas Raza to replace Chief of Naval Staff Noman Bashir who is going to retire on 7 October 2011. Due to his sectarian as well as ethnic background Raza is reportedly the hot favourite of President Asif Ali Zardari and the Defense Secretary Syed Ather Ali. Major General Ather Abbas is also reportedly campaigning for him in the media due to similar reasons.

Articles posted and on websites such as and used by serving and retired officials of armed forces of the country also reflect the propaganda being done in favour of Admiral Raza, who is third on the seniority list of the names being considered as the successor of Admiral Noman Bashir. TV channels under the influence of DG ISPR through his brothers have also run stories projecting Raza as the next naval chief.

Raza has earlier faced severe criticism internally as the key senior naval official responsible for the security failure at PNS Mehran in March this year as he serves as the Commander of the Naval Fleet and was ultimately responsible for the security of the naval aircrafts destroyed in the attack. However, due to his strong connections with the President, Defence Secretary and strong backing of a certain sectarian lobby within the security establishment and the media he was not replaced or transferred after the PNS Mehran tragedy and the onus of the incident was put on his subordinates.

Surprisingly, a similar media campaign was launched by the same lobby to award the highest gallantry award, Nishan-e-Haider, to the duty officer at Mehran base who belonged to the same sect and was killed by the terrorists within the first minute of the attack while he was neglectfully talking to his family for long hours on the official telephone instead of doing his job.

An officer of the Navy who requested anonymity said that it would be a great tragedy if Vice Admiral Abbas Raza is appointed as the Naval Chief. He said, “We were expecting that the NHQ will ask him to submit his resignation after the PNS Mehran tragedy, however it never happened. Now, it would be like adding insult to injury if he is made the CNS”.

According to the sources, the best solution to this controversy was to appoint the senior most admiral on the successors' list otherwise it would have a highly negative impact on the organizational culture of Pakistan Navy and would further shatter the morale of the officers and sailors, which was already on a low after the Mehran base tragedy.


Anonymous said...

rubbish total lies, nothing in article is true

Talha Amin said...

"sectarian elements within the establishment and media "
What a ignorant statement. Their is no sectarian nature with in the army, Zia ul Haq introduced sectarianism and It was abolished after he died.The Media does not decide who will be promoted, and the media is run by Political Parties not sects

" killed by the terrorists within the first minute of the attack while he was neglectfully talking to his family for long hours on the official telephone instead of doing his job"

no he was the first to go in, whist terrorist of another sect where busy attacking the base. He Solider saved many planes and was able to divert fire allowing Chinese Engineers to escape . The Campaign for Nishan-e-Haider was promoted by a mother who had lost her son, an the Navy which has not yet received such an. As for the phone call, have you served in the Navy ? you are allowed to make phone calls when you are not standing at the front of the base (every takes turns in standing outside the base for 30 min) the real failure was of the non existent people in the Guard towers and the extremist sect SOLIDERS RELEATED TO MEHSUD with in the base who helped the Taliban

" appoint the senior most admiral on the successors' list"
That never happens both Musheraff and every COAS has been picked on basis of who is most loyal to the last COAS nothing to do with Seniority .

I personally think the Navy Chief should be who ever The Cabinet of Pakistan decides

This is a clash of egos, yet the writer is portraying it as a clash of sects

If you want to ensure Taliban do not infiltrate the Army you should select candidates which are not from their sect

Anonymous said...

The first two comments on this article prove that it is critical to neutralize the Iranian assets in the Pakistani armed forces like Vice Admiral Abbas Raza and DG ISPR Maj Gen Ather Abbas.

master mind said...

media may not be used as a tool to favour somebody as selection of top most brass need to be fair and honest in larger interest of armed forces and country.we should not debate on such a matter for which we don't have any knowledge.let the institution work unbiased,you all please.

Anonymous said...

Its true that a certain sector influence the media but whether it also affects army i don't no..!
may be the writer is right..../

Anonymous said...

i am glad that an honest and professional soldier has been made the CNS now. let's hope for the best. this blog was a great contribution by 'spyeyes' to highlight a grave issue, which would have certainly helped the 'real' authorities to influence the president to review his decision regarding the appointment of the new CNS.

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